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Illegal Techniques

Disobeying the Referee’s commands, biting, spitting or gouging, striking with the head (head butting), dislocation and breaking of the joints and striking to any of the following areas:
Eyes, Back of the head, Spinal column, Inner Thigh, Throat, Groin and Joints (direct strike to knees or elbows)

Legal Techniques

  • Striking with fist, palm, foot, elbow or knee.
  • Throwing, wrestling, grappling and take downs.
  • Contestants may engage in ‘active’ ground wrestling for up to 10 seconds. If a lock is applied within this time, an additional 10 seconds will be added to make your opponent submit.
  • Contestants may engage in ‘active’ standing wrestling for up to 5 seconds.
  • Contestants may engage in ‘passive’ standing wrestling for up to 3 seconds.

Point Scoring

1 Point:
Strike or kick opponent to a scoring area with a legal technique, throw opponent and land on top, or an opponent falls through imbalance.

2 Points:
Throw or take down opponent in the area and remain standing.

3 Points:
Force opponent from the area. Ground wrestling resulting in a Chin Na or other submission within 10 seconds will win the match.

Scoring techniques must deliver a ‘trembling shock’ to the opponent, successive techniques without ‘full contact’ impact will not be scored, both contestants falling out of area will not be scored and both contestants falling in the area (without technique) will not be scored.


First violation: 1 point penalty
Second violation: 3 point penalty
Third violation: disqualification

Technical Foul
First violation: warning
Second violation: 1 point penalty
Third violation: disqualification

A serious foul committed with intent may result in immediate disqualification.


Contestant wins by two clear rounds based on points scored, contestant forces the opponent from the area three times in one round, contestant strikes the opponent down three times in one round, contestant gains a submission through Chin Na or choke hold technique, contestant wins by knock out or TKO (based on a 10 second count), opponent withdraws from match (throws in the towel), opponent is advised to withdraw by medical staff due to injury, referee judges a mismatch in the skills of the contestants.
In the event of a tie, one minute extension, points differential or Chief Referee’s decision


Any coach who disputes the results of a match must notify the Chief Referee within 15 minutes of the end of the match. The coach must then file a written request for arbitration with a fee stipulated by the organiser. On receipt of the protest the Chief Referee, the Arbitrator, the Referee and the Coach will review the evidence. The results of the arbitration will then be announced. If the decision is to uphold the results of the match the fee will be retained by the organiser. If the decision is to overturn the results of the match the fee will be returned to the coach.